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Monthly Luncheons offering CLE

EPPA offers at least ten hours of CLE during its monthly luncheons at no additional charge to its members. $5 fee is charged per program to non-members.

The Writ, Monthly Newsletter

EPPA’s newsletter provides local information on the profession to include what is going on nationally and statewide.

Job Bank

Career opportunities are available to members only via its website, and its job bank administrator.


EPPA awards scholarships to students enrolled in the paralegal program at the El Paso Community College. Further, EPPA awards scholarships to cover the cost of the NALA Paralegal Certification (CP) exam and the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) exam. These scholarships are available to members only. Scholarship Applications are available for download behind the Scholarship Application sub-tab.


Get to know your fellow, local, and statewide paralegals, as well as attorneys who are our guest speakers. Experienced El Paso paralegals are a wonderful resource to those new to the profession or those making a professional move, to include a change in the area of law. Never under estimate the power of networking!

CLE Seminars each year

EPPA generally offers one or two CLE seminars each year, approximately in early summer and late fall, each worth 3-4 hours of CLE. EPPA members enjoy a reduced price on seminars.

Membership Directory

EPPA offers a web-based membership directory available to its members only. The directory includes members’ information, to include the area of law in which its members work.

Participate in Pro Bono and Charitable Opportunities

EPPA members are invited to participate and attend various pro-bono/charitable projects by members of the various bar associations in El Paso. It’s a great way to network with attorneys and show them you’re a top notch professional.

Prerequisite for Membership in the El Paso Bar Association

The El Paso Bar Association requires that its Paralegal Associate Members be members in good standing of EPPA.

Professional Recognition  

Membership in EPPA demonstrates that you wish to pursue a marked level of professional attainment, and continued growth as a paralegal.

Study Group

Come meet your fellow paralegals and work together on forming a group to study for the NALA Certified Paralegal Exam or the Texas Board of Legal Specialization exam. Then once your group is ready, EPPA’s leadership will work with your group to formulate a Mock exam trial run.

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