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I work with, and under the supervision of, a lawyer who is entrusted by the People of Texas to preserve and improve our legal system. I realize that unethical or improper behavior on my part may result in disciplinary action against my supervising attorney. As a Paralegal, I must abide by the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, but I know that Professionalism requires more than merely avoiding the violation of laws and rules. I am committed to this Creed for no other reason than it is right.


A Paralegal owes to the administration of justice personal dignity, integrity, and independence. A Paralegal should always adhere to the highest principles of Professionalism.

  1. I am passionately proud of my profession. Therefore, "My word is my bond."

  2. I will work with my supervising attorney to educate clients, the public, and other lawyers and Paralegals regarding the spirit and letter of this Creed.

  3. I will always be conscious of my duty to the judicial system.


A Paralegal owes to the supervising attorney and the client allegiance, learning, skill, and industry. A Paralegal shall not be deterred by any real or imagined fear of judicial disfavor or public unpopularity, nor be influenced by self interest.

  1. With, and under the direction of, my supervising attorney, I will endeavor to achieve the client's lawful objectives in legal transactions and litigation as quickly and economically as possible.

  2. I will be loyal and committed to the client's lawful objectives, but I will not permit that loyalty and commitment to interfere with my ability to be objective.

  3. I will inform the client that civility and courtesy are expected and not a sign of weakness.

  4. I will inform the client of proper and expected behavior.

  5. I will treat adverse parties and witnesses with fairness and due consideration. A client has no right to demand that I abuse anyone or indulge in any offensive conduct.


  1. I will inform the client that my supervising attorney and I will not pursue conduct which is intended primarily to harass or drain the financial resources of the opposing party.

  2. I will inform the client that my supervising attorney and I will not pursue tactics which are intended primarily for delay.


A Paralegal owes to opposing counsel and their staff, in the conduct of legal transactions and pursuit of litigation, courtesy, candor, cooperation, and scrupulous observance of all agreements and mutual understandings. Ill feelings between clients shall not influence a Paralegal's conduct, attitude, or demeanor toward opposing counsel or their staff. A Paralegal shall not engage in unprofessional conduct in retaliation against other unprofessional conduct.

  1. I will be courteous, civil, and prompt in oral and written communications.

  2. I will identify for other counsel and parties all changes made by my supervising attorney in documents submitted for review.

  3. I will attempt to prepare drafts for my supervising attorney's review which correctly reflect the agreement of the parties and not arbitrarily include provisions which have not been agreed upon or omit provisions necessary to reflect the agreement of the parties.

  4. I will notify opposing counsel, and, if appropriate, the Court, Court staff, or other persons, as soon as practicable, when hearings, depositions, meetings, conferences, or closings are canceled.

  5. I can relay a disagreement without being disagreeable. I realize that effective representation by my supervising attorney does not require antagonistic or obnoxious behavior. I will not encourage or knowingly permit the client to do anything which would be unethical or improper if done by me or my supervising attorney.

  6. I will not, without good cause, attribute bad motives or unethical conduct to opposing counsel, nor bring the profession into disrepute by unfounded accusations of impropriety. I will avoid disparaging personal remarks or acrimony toward opposing counsel, opposing counsel's staff, parties, and witnesses. I will not be influenced by ill feelings between clients. I will abstain from any allusion to personal peculiarities or idiosyncrasies of opposing counsel or other Paralegals.


  1. I will not attempt to gain an unfair advantage by sending the Court or its staff
    correspondence or copies of correspondence.

  2. I will assist my supervising attorney in complying with all reasonable
    discovery requests. I will not encourage the client to quibble about words where their meaning is reasonably clear.


Paralegals owe judges and the Court respect, diligence, candor, and punctuality. Paralegals share in the responsibility to protect the dignity and independence of the Court and the profession.

  1. I will always recognize that the position of judge is the symbol of both the
    judicial system and administration of justice. I will refrain from conduct that degrades this symbol.

  2. I will conduct myself in Court in a professional manner, and demonstrate my
    respect for the Court and the law.

  3. I will treat counsel, opposing parties, the Court, and members of the Court
    staff with courtesy and civility.

  4. I will be punctual and will assist my supervising attorney in being punctual.

I will not engage in any conduct which offends the dignity and decorum of

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